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Everything you need to know about Gout

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All You Need to Know About Gout LifeMojo LifeMojo Home|Invite|RSS|SMS|Help|Login / Register HomeMy JourneyMy Journey HomeGoalsPlanTrackMeasureReportsAnalysisBody AnalysisLifestyle AnalysisLifestyleLifestyle HomeTop RatedNutritionFitnessWellnessMotivationHealth GuidesHealth Guides HomeHealth TipsCalories BurntNutritional ValueHealthy RecipesGlossaryHealth InsuranceCommunityForumsRoutesHealth StoreHealth Store HomeShopping Cart LifestyleLifestyle > All You Need to Know About GoutAll You Need to Know About GoutBy LifeMojo Team / January 27, 20110 CommentsAre you suffering from pain and inflammation of the joints? There is a possibility that you might be suffering from gout. This condition develops when your body fails to remove an excess of uric acid produced in it. This problem of the joints is detected in millions of people. In fact, gout is one of the oldest and most common documented illnesses in history. It is a painful condition usually characterized by acute inflammatory arthritis; it results in red, tender, hot and swollen joints. Treatment is essential in this situation because gout can turn into chronic gout and can have a crippling effect on the joints.

All You Need to Know About GoutWhat is Gout?Gout or Hyperuricemia (a form of arthritis) is a metabolic disease where the uric acid builds up in joints as crystals and an acute attack occurs. It usually affects the joint of the big toe, but can also affect the knee, ankle, foot, hand, wrist and elbow.

Gout does not happen overnight. It is the result of a build-up process that may take months or years. It can cause problems with our daily activities, chores and job. Gout affects about 275 out of every 100,000 people, according to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculo- skeletal Disease. Typically, gout patients are about 95% men and 5% women.

What causes Gout?The main cause of gout is the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints, skin, and kidneys. During the digestion of the proteins, compounds called purines are formed. Purine metabolism leads to the formation of uric acid in the body. However there are many causes for the formation of excessive uric acid in your body. Some of these are

Dietary habits: Excessive consumption or meat, oily fish yeast and alcohol leads to more uric acid in the blood.Heredity: A family history of gout can make one vulnerable to it.Gender: Men have higher uric acid in their blood than women.Smoking: Smoking causes an increase in blood uric acid which can lead to gout.Obesity: An obese body put heavy pressure on the kidneys. As a result, the kidneys are not able to filter the blood properly leading to rise in uric acid in the blood.
Regular medications (diuretics, aspirin etc): Certain drugs, medications, substances or toxins when combined, may react causing Gout.High blood pressure: high blood pressure is known to increase uric acid levels.What are the symptoms of Gout?Gout causes painful symptoms such as:

Swelling and pain in the joints cause by uric acid deposit under the skinRed and shiny skin around your joint caused by the swellingMild fever caused by body fighting the excruciating painTender skin around joints caused by the swellingTingling sensation in joints caused by the crystalsFirm, white lumps beneath your skin caused by the crystals deposits.
What can I do about it?There is no permanent cure for gout, but a lot can be done to manage the pain of an acute attack, lessen the duration of an attack and prevent future attacks.

How to manage a Gout Attack?An ice pack can be used to reduce the pain and the swelling. You shouldn't apply ice directly to your skin as it can damage your skin. Use an ice bag for compression.Rest the affected joint until the pain subsides. Resting the joint for 24 hours after the attack would help the joint to undergo a faster recovery.Elevate the joint to facilitate circulation of blood on swollen ankles.Don't use aspirin because it aggravates hyperuricemia by increasing uric acid retention.Affected joints can be surrounded by a protective 'cage' which helps to take the weight of clothing and reduce pain.How to Prevent a Gout AttackDrink lots of fluids, especially water. Try to drink around 2.8 liter (six pints or 96 ounces) a day as dehydration reduces kidney function and can lead to uric acid build-up.Consider a vegetarian lifestyle because meat is rich in uric acid forming components. However, avoid specific foods like peas, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach etc as they are high in purines which can aggravate gout.Being overweight is a risk factor for gout. If you are overweight, consider an appropriate weight loss program. But avoid rapid weight loss as crash dieting can result in increased uric acid levels in the blood.Limit alcohol, especially beer.Follow a moderate exercise program.During the cold months, always keep your hands and feet well covered and warm as gout attacks are very common during the cold months.Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. A healthy diet plan is still one of the most efficient natural remedies for gout.Don't make a delay in treating gout because it can worsen and lead to complications if left unattended. It's true that gout cannot be cured completely, but you can still afford to keep the condition under your control. So take charge and treat your gout right away!

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