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Zumba Dance Workout: Benefits and more

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Zumba Dance Workout: Benefits and More LifeMojo LifeMojo Home|Invite|RSS|SMS|Help|Login / Register HomeMy JourneyMy Journey HomeGoalsPlanTrackMeasureReportsAnalysisBody AnalysisLifestyle AnalysisLifestyleLifestyle HomeTop RatedNutritionFitnessWellnessMotivationHealth GuidesHealth Guides HomeHealth TipsCalories BurntNutritional ValueHealthy RecipesGlossaryHealth InsuranceCommunityForumsRoutesHealth StoreHealth Store HomeShopping Cart LifestyleLifestyle > Zumba Dance Workout: Benefits and MoreZumba Dance Workout: Benefits and MoreBy LifeMojo Team / January 19, 20110 CommentsDoing workouts might seem to be a very boring activity to many of us. You might be going to the gym or fitness classes or working out on your own to abide by the instructions of your doctor. That is, you might be performing exercises on account of compulsion. But if you take interest on what you are doing, the success rate of the results goes up. Zumba dance fitness program satisfies this criterion. It is more of a fun activity than a physical exercise. You enjoy the dance and avail the benefits of exercise.

Zumba Dance Workout: Benefits and MoreBackground and History of Zumba DanceZumba came into existence in the 1990s in Columbia. The credit behind the discovery of this dance and fitness program goes to Alberto Perez, a dancer and choreographer by profession. But it was Alberto Perlman who popularized the concept through dance classes and branded merchandise. The concept makes an attempt to incorporate a fun component in exercise by means of combining dance with Latin and International music.

Perez was a dance instructor and he choreographed dance routines for popular performers like Shakira. He discovered the fitness program accidentally while instructing his class. While instructing his class, he forgot his music and had to use a tape of recorded Latin music to continue with his regimen. This was the time from which he began his fitness classes using Latin dance music. The concept evolved in the 1990s and in 1999 the program was specifically designed for women. The class became popular and in 2001 the Zumba Fitness LLC was formed when Perez joined hands with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. A brand was formed and programs under this brand came to be offered globally.

Today, the program is extending benefits to ten million participants. There are 90,000 fitness center locations scattered in 110 nations. The program is offered through licensed instructors. Fitness DVDs have also been launched under the brand name to promote learning at home. The program got its recognition from the leading fitness educators of the U.S. including IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the American Council on Exercise and the Aerobic Fitness Association of America.

The WorkoutMusic forms the basis of the Zumba dance classes. The score, created with specific beats and tempo changes, facilitate workout transitions from toning, strengthening or cardio move to another, and targets every major muscle group in the body. The Zumba dance form consists of dance styles like cha-cha-cha, Flamenco, belly dancing, Cumbia, Bhangra, merengue, Reggaeton, tango, samba and hip-hop. There are different types of Zumba classes, which are normally offered in gyms, country clubs, health clubs and senior citizen centers. These are the types of Zumba dance classes:

Zumba: It is the conventional Zumba class which offers the original form of the dance fitness program. It involves common rhythms like salsa, samba, waltz, belly dance, foxtrot, merengue, tango and reggaeton. Zumba Gold: Adults and de-conditioned participants are considered fit to join this type of Zumba class. This program takes into account the anatomical, physiological and psychological concerns of this population. Zumba Toning: This form combines body-sculpting techniques with certain Zumba moves. This program targets calorie burning and strength training. Trainers make use of weighted maraca-like Zumba Toning Sticks to boost rhythm and to build strength. Aqua Zumba: It has similarity with water aerobics. This class is meant for individuals of all ages. It is nothing but a combination of the Zumba techniques with the aqua fitness disciplines. Zumbatomic: This refers to the first Zumba program for the children. It was launched in September 2009. It is meant for children falling in the age group of 4 to 12 years. It incorporates urban dance styles like reggaeton, hip hop and pop with fundamental concepts such as coordination, discipline, confidence and teamwork.Barring any doctor's limitations, Zumba is safe for a range of ages and fitness levels because the steps can be modified so that it's very low-impact. All you need is a good pair of dance shoes or cross-trainers.

What are the Benefits of Zumba?It provides a total body workout, including the arms and legs. Lovers of this dance relate Zumba with tighter abs. Many Zumba dance moves are a great way to work the core abdominal muscles, which results in firming up of the abdominals and a reduced risk of back pain.Zumba provides a heart pumping aerobic workout, which makes it an effective calorie burning or weight loss workout. You can burn anywhere between 450 to 600 calories per hour.It helps in relieving stress. The energetic movements not only help in the release of mood altering endorphins, but also helps you to forget your worries as you lose yourself in the music and the movements. Zumba dance offers the benefits of interval training by making use of alternating fast and slow sequences to vary the intensity. It helps in the reduction of blood pressure.It increases bone density and hence reduces the risk of osteoporosis.It improves the body's balance.It improves muscle tone.The dance fitness program is believed to contribute towards sharper minds. Learning the new dances amounts to some form of mental exercise.Zumba is more than just a calorie burning or a weight loss process. People really do take great pleasure in the classes for several other reasons. Some people love to dance while some others simply love the social connections in the classes! You might also be having your own reasons for joining a Zumba class, but the degree of pleasure would be the same in all the cases!

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