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Eye care tips for Computer users

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Eye Care Tips for Computer Users LifeMojo LifeMojo Home|Invite|RSS|SMS|Help|Login / Register HomeMy JourneyMy Journey HomeGoalsPlanTrackMeasureReportsAnalysisBody AnalysisLifestyle AnalysisLifestyleLifestyle HomeTop RatedNutritionFitnessWellnessMotivationHealth GuidesHealth Guides HomeHealth TipsCalories BurntNutritional ValueHealthy RecipesGlossaryHealth InsuranceCommunityForumsRoutesHealth StoreHealth Store HomeShopping Cart LifestyleLifestyle > Eye Care Tips for Computer UsersEye Care Tips for Computer UsersBy LifeMojo Team / January 18, 20110 CommentsThe computer-age has got us many wonderful things like online ticketing, information on demand, entertainment as you wish etc. But with the dramatic increase in home and office computer use, complaints of eye fatigue and discomfort have also become common.

Eye Care Tips for Computer UsersThe interesting thing to point out over here is that research has established that computer monitors emit little or no hazardous radiation, such as x-ray or ultraviolet rays. So the fatigue is not directly caused by the exposure to the computer screen but rather by the environment surrounding the computer screen, such as poor illumination or improper position of computer equipment and computer furniture. Excessive strain on eyes - Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) - can lead to itchy or burning eyes, blurred or double vision and headaches. All of these symptoms can lead to frustration, increased irritation and an inability to complete work as efficiently as one might without proper eye care.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps that you can take to protect your eyes from the strain and fatigue. Here are a few suggestions:

Changes to Computer StationKeep the monitor at a distance of 20 to 30 inches or about an arm's length from your eyes.Place the monitor in such a way that the top of the monitor is at a level slightly below the horizontal eye level.Tilt the top of the monitor away from you at a 10- to 20-degree angle to create an optimum viewing angle.Change your lighting to lower glare and harsh reflections. You can also use glare filters over your computer screen. A good test is to turn off the monitor and see what is reflected in the screen. Adjust the angle or position of the monitor to have no competing lights or reflections.Background wall or structure behind monitor should not be too loud or shiny as it will distract you and cause more strain trying to focus on the screen.Adjust the brightness to have a good contrast between letters and background. Replace the monitor if you notice any flickering.Keep monitor screen clean from dust and finger prints.Prefer an LCD over a CRT monitor as LCD screens are easier on the eyes and usually have an anti-reflective surface.If you spend long hours entering data or reading long documents, try using a larger monitor so you can see the print on your computer screen better. You can also try increasing the font size to reduce eye strain.Use proper adjustable chair to fine tune your eye level with the screen.Eye Relaxing ExercisesPeople tend to reduce blink rate while working on computer. Blink your eyes often as it re-wets your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation. The more you blink the better it is for your eyes.Look away from your computer at least every 20 to 30 minutes and gaze at a distant object (at least 20 feet away) for at least 20 seconds.Close your eyes for a few minutes when your work requires prolonged data input into the computer.Try to massage and relax the muscles around your eyes once in a while.Strengthening your eye muscles with a series of eye exercises will go a long way to preventing eye strain.Every 30 minutes, rub your palms against each other till they become warm and place them on your eyes making sure to block all light. Do this for at least a minute, longer if you have the time available to you. This exercise will give your eyes the much needed break from the brightness of the computer and your vision will be much clearer.Take frequent breaks to stretch a little and to re-energize yourself. Get up from the chair and take a brief walk for a few minutes. A few minutes of walk will not only give your eyes a refreshing break but will also give your body and mind a break.General TipsHave a routine comprehensive eye exam every year with your certified ophthalmologist.If possible, remove contact lens and use glasses while using PC.Make your diet rich in vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E) that keep your eyes healthy. Include foods like carrots, spinach, almonds, salmon etc.Alternate computer activities with other tasks.If you use your computer daily then the above tips will certainly help you to relax your eyes and increase your productivity in the long run.

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