Friday, February 4, 2011

Good habits for better

Develop good habits is critical to get anywhere in life. Also when it comes to your diet, good habits make the difference between the good and bad health. But research has shown that, by changing slightly old habits, you can make a new one that is better and will benefit longer term.

Good Habits Made BetterWalk backwards: After conducting a search through, now scientists believe that walk backwards helps you do more complex operations with great ease. As part of the research showed that the people who walked a few steps back was much more focused and attentive to those who walked forward or sideways. The researchers reasoned that the body and mind are higher when they are on alert mode "escape" to walk backwards. Of course, we're not suggesting you do this every day on public roads, which can be dangerous. But, a 15-minute walk on the treadmill (using Rails to support) should work well.
a NAP of caffeine: You face the problem of sleepiness during the day? If Yes, then we have a rather unique solution for you. Is called a caffeine NAP. Before you actually go for a NAP, a cup of coffee and then immediately close the eyes. It may seem strange, but here's how it works: 20 minutes for caffeine enter your blood flow, a perfect time for a short NAP. Once the PAN is over, the caffeine kicks in, making guests feel that they are updated throughout the day.
Wait after meals to brush your teeth: We all know how important dental care is hygiene in General. But sometimes we brush your teeth immediately after a meal. That causes a big problem, because the fatty acids in foods makes teeth more susceptible to damage caused by aggressive brushing. So, before I head to the bathroom after a meal, take a small break an hour. Better yet, rinse mouth with water diluted acid or unsweetened tea.
Eat low glycemic carbs before hitting the gym: Eating refined food and sugared drinks can supply energy instantly, but what you need before hitting the gym are low glycemic carbs. British researchers found that eating slowly fiber high-energy cereal and bread release, allowing the body to burn up to 55 percent more fat. Foods (GI) of low glycemic index also produce hormones that eliminating hunger.
Brew the tea for 5 minutes: The longer you brew the tea, the greater the amount of flavonoids health-boosting lies in it. And if you squeeze a lime in your tea, you will be able to boost up to 80%. I prefer always the black tea like milk can hinder the absorption of nutrients vital tea.
Get colonoscopy in the morning: Tests reveal that the polyp detection rate is significantly higher when the tests are done earlier in the day, because the quality of bowel preparation is better in the morning. Always make an appointment in the morning.

They say that make a man habits. But what to do when you are already a lot of good habits? Improve existing ones by modifying them accordingly. Use the suggestions above as a platform for starters and notice the change yourself!

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