Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sonakshi's Weight Loss Story

Sonakshi and perhaps people close to you might not think that it would become a star in the future. And she became a star with a loud voice in Dabbangg, where he got nice hunk Salman Khan as his co-star. But being a kg 90 overweight individual who was just like any other ordinary woman who could think to do that for large screens. While studying fashion design, Sonakshi figured out who needs to lose at least 30 kg of weight not only look good but also to feel healthy.

Sonakshi's Weight Loss StoryHe started going to the gym twice a day.Began to take a diet rich in protein.He cut his consumption of carbohydrates.She had enormous benefits from spinning.Weight training has included in its regular fitness regime. Her Weight training for four or five times a week. You get small meals after every three hours to maintain its high level of energy.She played hot yoga to tone his body. She performs various yogic postures in a room with a temperature of 40 degrees c. She likes the company of other individuals during a training session.She show preference for yoga during aerobic.Often the pleasure of playing tennis.You suggest that one should stop eating carbohydrates after six in the evening.She supports the idea of drinking several cups of green tea daily.

Sonakshi revealed that she didn't have to look back after she lost 30 kg. Had enough indications and suggestions for health by one of the most suitable industry heroes, Salman Khan. With all its great looks and a perfect body, she is the treasure of the new India.

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