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7 safety tips for running in the Dark

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7 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark LifeMojo LifeMojo Home|Invite|RSS|SMS|Help|Login / Register HomeMy JourneyMy Journey HomeGoalsPlanTrackMeasureReportsAnalysisBody AnalysisLifestyle AnalysisLifestyleLifestyle HomeTop RatedNutritionFitnessWellnessMotivationHealth GuidesHealth Guides HomeHealth TipsCalories BurntNutritional ValueHealthy RecipesGlossaryHealth InsuranceCommunityForumsRoutesHealth StoreHealth Store HomeShopping Cart LifestyleLifestyle > 7 Safety Tips for Running in the Dark7 Safety Tips for Running in the DarkBy LifeMojo Team / December 8, 20100 CommentsThe shortest days of the year are almost upon us, leaving many of the runners who run early morning or after work with two options: darkness or the treadmill. With busy schedules and shorter days, some runners find their only time to run is in the darkness of early morning or evening. But that doesn't mean you have to run on treadmill and make the activity dull and dreary.

7 Safety Tips for Running in the DarkRunning in winter is certainly good for health. In fact, running year round will ensure that you keep in good physical shape. Running in the dark can make your daily run a little more exhilarating, giving the same everyday sights a different hue. Don't let the lack of light be a hurdle in your fitness. Just follow these simple precautionary measures when running in the dark:

Be visible: While it is harder for you to see in the dark, it is also harder for others to see you. Thus if you're running in the early morning or at night, even at dusk, wear white, yellow, or orange clothes. Also make sure it has some reflective material on it (some running clothes come with built-in reflective strips or you can also buy reflective tape to stick onto your clothes). You will not only be visible to the motorist but it'll be easier for other pedestrians and cyclists to see you as well. Don't wear dark colors at night. Black, brown, dark blue or green clothes are not recommended. You can also wear a headlamp for extra protection.

Don't listen to the music: Many people prefer to run whilst listening to music. But if it's dark, make sure you leave your radio, MP3 player, or iPod at home. Music tends to cut off your sense of hearing. Thus you can't hear oncoming cars, cyclists, dogs, or any other potential attacker.

Run on familiar routes: Never run a route in the dark that you have not run at least a couple of times in the daylight. You should be familiar with the route, and not just the turns, but the surface you are running. Knowing where the sewer covers are, the pot holes, the low spots will help when you try to navigate the route in the dark.

Run against the traffic: Always run against traffic, especially when there is no footpath, as it is easier to avoid cars if you can see them coming. It is in fact true for day runs as well but it is very important in the night.

Carry identification: You should also always carry some form of identification with you. Driver's license, company identification card, anything with a contactable number and address will do.

Carry a cell phone: It will make you easily contactable and you will also be able to contact police in the event of an emergency.

Run with a buddy: There's strength and safety in numbers. If possible, always run with a buddy. Not only are you less likely to be assaulted if you run with a partner, but you can also rely on one another if something goes wrong. If you're running alone, let someone know about the route you are running and around what time you'll be back.

Much of this advice is more common sense and reasoning. There is no reason you should feel that you must refrain from your running regime just because it's dark. Running in the dark can be a fun, exciting challenge, and at times may be a necessity for many runners during the colder months. So have a go at it, you will love it!

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