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Health resolutions for women in the new year

Each year, at this time, you make some new ways of life and living to follow in the coming years. Some of these loses focus in the interim while some are not implemented from the beginning. The words remain only on the pages of your milk and came away with words, the following year! But there are some key points that must be strictly followed to ensure a better life in the new year and this includes the women's health concern.

Health Resolutions for Women in the New Year

Women today are dynamic. They shall have a tight grip on their career as well as in their personal lives. They are all, in all activities of the Office, the home and society. But they are so busy and devoted to these activities, which are hardly able to manage time for themselves. A woman is a doctor or a consultant to his family, but there is no "doctor" or a "Director" in his family to attend to your needs. So this new year, one should focus on the health of women and come out with resolutions to keep them happy and healthy. The list could go on like this:

Too is a concern for many women, but in extreme cases, some women simply choose to omit the food groups as part of their weight loss program, but that ends up in anything! They again restore the old practices by the end of January. Women cannot withstand the sense of deprivation and end up eating those chocolates, candies and cakes, again. Cut a food group presents itself as a punishment for them and for the regime will not last long. Therefore, it is best if you limit the consumption of sugary, fatty foods. For example, you can limit the consumption of dessert only to Saturday.

Most women tend to come out with various excuses for not sticking with a fitness plan. They could mention busy schedules, lack of energy and money as likely reasons. Some of them also think that without joining gyms or fitness courses, they will not be able to reach their weight loss goals. Unrealistic plans leave often de self-motivated and opting for the suspension of a fitness program. For example, you can set a target to lose 10 pounds in two weeks and when this ends in failure, they decided to escape from the program. You don't need to do in a gym to get cut. Just a walk in a local park can contribute to achieving the goals of weight loss.

Women worldwide suffer from deficiency of calcium and therefore is very important to keep a diet rich in calcium after childhood. About 80 percent of the victims of osteoporosis (fragile bones) are women. Women over 50 years of age stand to a risk of osteoporosis-related fractures. You must include supplements of calcium in your diet. You should have a minimum of three servings of dairy per day. Canned salmon, green vegetables, calcium fortified juices and cereals are also considered as rich sources of calcium. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers and those who are approaching their menopause should consider 1500 mg of calcium per day. Absorption of calcium in the body is also supported by the presence of vitamin d. So you should take vitamin d-rich foods such as fatty fish, dairy products fortified with vitamin d and fish liver oil. In addition to maintaining the necessary dose of calcium in the diet, you should put the emphasis on weight bearing exercises. Simple exercises like walking, running and dancing would add strength to bones.

Next year, you should take a vote to limit the consumption of soft drinks/soda. It was noted that those who consume soda avoid the idea of taking the milk. In addition, you should also try to stop smoking in the new year because research has shown that nicotine is delaying the production of bone cells and thereby contributes to a more rapid loss of bone tissue.

You should also tell your doctor if you are using steroids or experiencing an overactive thyroid. Both of these are damaging to bone density. Also note that the use of a contraceptive Depo Provera called has been associated with the weakening and thinning of the bones. Make informed decisions will help to prevent the potential damage to bones.

You should make it a point to go to the regular health screenings in the new year. Women who have crossed over the age of 65 should opt for osteoporosis, screening tests. This is applicable for younger women, as well, if the condition is related to the legacy. In fact, women who fall into different age groups have to undergo different types of screening tests. For example, women above 40 years should undergo breast screening mammography called test. Experts suggest that women need to undergo mammography for every one or two years.

The Pap smear test is recommended for women who began their sexual life. This test is a screening test for cervical cancer. Screening should be done after every three years. Women should get informed also HPV vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. Women who are 50 years old, should go to the test for colorectal cancer, because the old men and women at greater risk of developing this disease.

Also you should go for regular medical screenings on blood pressure, depression, sexually transmitted diseases, cholesterol and diabetes. But they can prevent a disease screenings? Absolutely no! But these can make the most effective treatments! That's why you should give due respect to the idea of health checks during the year.

Women are the masters of every activity in the home or Office! They are the guardians of their husbands, children, in-laws, and even pets! But who are the guardians of women? None! They have to take care of themselves and the idea that is not good because they can't find enough time to do it! But as the days pass, women start to feel very frustrated. Accumulation of stress can lead to stomachaches, diarrhea, and weight gain through increased appetite. Stress can also weaken the immune system, leaving the body susceptible to colds and other infections.

Stress can lead to a decrease in sex drive, and an increase in blood pressure. The problem is that women seek to establish everything that they have included in the list of things to do! But all he can do is make a list of priorities. Not all objectives can be achieved at any given time! You can identify the cause of stress and act accordingly. You have to look for ways to keep you happy. Pursue a hobby or any other activity can take your mind away from the problems of everyday life.

New this year, you must restart the thought process to find out what gives happiness! You should make it a point to keep yourself interested in life for the entire year. When happiness cannot come from other sources, you should learn how to find happiness by joyful activity. All these may mark the beginning of a happier and healthier new year for you.

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