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9 common Fitness Myths

The exercises are more and more popular by the day. People are becoming fitness enthusiasts and are ready to explore different options! It seems as if people are in constant search of the latest methods and advanced fitness regimes. With the increasing popularity of exercises, myths are also increasing. Myths are misconceptions or false beliefs that are not based on any scientific logic. What you hear is not always true.

9 Common Fitness Myths

Here are some of the most popular myths in the world of fitness and exercise.

Pain is a warning signal that indicates any potential damage to the body. We should not feel any pain during or after exercise. If you're feeling pain, it means that you're on the wrong track. One must be able to distinguish between the pain and discomfort. When you start a new exercise, an initial slight discomfort is normal and is due to muscle soreness (DOMs). Do not force your body to continue with a workout if you perceive any type of pain. Remember, if there is no pain no gain. With a proper exercise regimen and planned and an exercise log maintained, one can get without pain.

This kind of misunderstanding is de-motivating and retaining a lot of people out of an exercise program. But remember the old saying "something is better than nothing". Research suggests that a minimum level of physical activity can help reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. So even if you do not have much time, go for some physical activity.

Often people believe that sweating is related to the hard work but, sweating is only a body temperature control mechanism for cool and do not necessarily indicate a sign of fatigue. One may sweat profusely to certain intensity of exercise in the summers and can not even sweat with the same intensity in winter! Could be wrong to judge the effectiveness of training on the degree of sweating. In addition, there are individual variations and some other factors affecting the degree of sweating.

Excess of anything is harmful, and so are exercises! One can be benefited, to some extent, from overtraining. But the same potentially increases the chances of getting injured. We must be aware of its capabilities and levels of fitness. Exercises to work on the principle of overload and not overtraining.

Weight training is an important component of the exercise, which many fear of woman! This is because of the common belief that the weightlifting will make their muscles look masculine! But the fact is that women don't have enough testosterone to add clutter their muscles. Weight training will strengthen and tone the muscles. The muscles will lean, toned and tight.

This myth is spread throughout the world of fitness as a forest fire. Might have come across many operating systems such as abs cruncher etc. in fitness centres. Training with these devices through isolated exercises is believed to reduce the hips, thighs, abdomen, etc. It is physiologically impossible to isolate the part of the body and reduces the fat stored locally. Studies have shown that fat mobilizes equally during the exercises from all areas of the body. Isolated exercises will help you to strengthen particular body part and you can find the circumference, as a result of increased muscle tone.  But there is no loss of fat from the body part in particular. The best way to burn fat is to follow a well planned exercise regime that includes both aerobic exercise and strength training. This will decrease your total body fat.

Yoga is a broad term and includes various exercises and postures. Some of the exercises are physically demanding and vigorous.  Failing to adhere to fair practices can lead to many problems. One must be aware of what to do and what not because some of the postures in yoga can aggravate problems such as back pain, cervical spondylosis, etc to knee pain. Should comply with the instructions of a qualified instructor to facilitate safe workouts.

This is a common feeling that you need to join some fitness classes or going to the gym to lose weight, but practically speaking home fitness program has proven to be equally effective for losing weight. To lose weight you need to burn calories, that may result from any physical activity, if it is done in the gym or at home. What is important is consistency! Adherence to your fitness regime religiously is the key to success.

Many elderly people feel that it is too late to get started with exercises. But sure can participate in exercise programs. With regular exercise one can lead a healthy and independent life. Along with this, there is a general sense of well-being and improved quality of life. If you have any health problem related to consult your physician. It is never too late to join a fitness program!

Even though people have become very knowledgeable about the suitability, still many misconceptions keep them away from exercise! Some myths are harmless, but some have the potential to harm you. There is no point in believing things that are untrue and ineffective because with conviction, is various expectations!

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